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The highlight of the year will be the FIH Grand Masters World Cup (20-30 June, Barcelona).

Scotland will be represented by four teams: Scotland Grand Masters (Over 60), Great Grand Masters (Over 65) and Senior Grand Masters (Over 70) in the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup and by an Over 60 Scottish Thistles team in the Grand Masters Hockey Tournament Trophy. Scotland Ladies Over 60 are also playing in the tournament.

There are 18 countries entered for the Grand Masters competition: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, USA, and Wales. Scotland Grand Masters start with a tough fixture against Australia at 10:45 on Thursday 21 June.

The same countries, with the addition of Egypt and minus Argentina, Canada, Singapore and USA, make up the 15 teams in the Great Grand Masters tournament. Scotland Great Grand Masters also have a tough opening match on Thursday 21 June, at 12:45 against England.

Five of the countries playing in the Great Grand Masters tournament are not represented in the Senior Grand Masters competition: Egypt, France, Ireland, New Zealand and Spain, while Argentina will field an Over 70 side in the 11 country tournament. Argentina are Scotland's opening opponents on Thursday 21 June, taking on the Scots at 17:45.

Scotland Ladies will play against England, England LX, England LX Over 65, Netherlands and Argentina. Their opening match is also on Thursday 21 June, at 16:30 against Netherlands.

In the Grand Masters Tournament Trophy, there will be 10 teams competing: Alliance, England LX, Germany 2, Ireland 2, Netherlands 2, Scottish Thistles, Spain 2, South Africa 2, Southern Cross and Wales 2. Scottish Thistles do not have a match on the opening day of the tournament, but take on Germany 2 at 09:00 on Friday 22 June.

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