Scottish Veterans LX Hockey Club Summary of Committee Minutes 2017-8

17th May 2017, Apex Hotel, Glasgow

Present: Kieran McLernan (President), John Hay (Secretary), John Smith (Treasurer), John Connaghan, Bernie Morrison, Peter Gordon and John Candlin. Apologies received from Sandy Weir and Graham Conkie. A warm welcome was given to John Candlin who was attending his first meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report 

The Treasurer had not had an opportunity to prepare a report for the meeting. He was concerned that there might be a cash flow problem in the future. The Club had paid entry fees for the European Cup but the players could not be invoiced until they had been selected. He had an invoice for £1,000 for pins and the Club had also paid £550 for a defibrillator and bag. Agreed the Treasurer would cash in some of the Premium Bonds to give liquidity. 

Quartermaster’s Report 

JAH would approach John Bennett to see if he would be willing to assist. 

Agreed the Club would purchase a new set of strips for the Over 70s. PSL negotiating with SHU for new Senior strips. Agreed to wait until a decision had been made before deciding to replace the Club strips. 

Home Nations Tournament 

JAH to chase up the Welsh organisers for their fixtures. Personnel for Over 70’s discussed. Physios and umpires discussed.   

European Cup

Date for selection was awaited. The coach wished to finalise selection after Swansea. 

Deposit for accommodation was payable 12 weeks before the tournament. A percentage of rooms could be cancelled at different stages and a decision had to be taken whether to do so otherwise the Club would be liable to pay for the rooms. 

Volunteers being sought for the European Cup and an email would be sent round Club members. 

Coaches role: discussion took place regarding the difficult role Murray had in covering all three teams. 

Scottish Thistles 

Managing coach required for Scottish Thistles. Names mentioned for Graham Conkie to approach. Touring team visiting Scotland on 15th and 16th July. Over 65’s would play on the 15th and Scottish Thistles would play them on the 16th. Practice for the European Cup. 

Thanks were expressed to John Connaghan who was attending his last meeting before starting a new job in Ireland. 

9th August 2017, Apex Hotel, Glasgow

Apologies  received from Bernie Morrison and Graham Conkie. 

Financial Report 

There was no financial report available. The Treasurer had still not had time to bring matters up to date following his involvement in the organising committee of the European Cup. Discussion took place regarding invoices to be sent to players for expenses involved in the Celtic Cup, Home Nations and also the European Cup. The Treasurer would send out a breakdown to the coordinators as an attachment to be circulated to all players. 

Account for new tracksuits would follow shortly. First two orders now available and the third would be available for collection at the end of the following week. Agreed the Club would provide a 25% discount on the price of tracksuits which would also apply to future orders. Final account to pay for the hotel accommodation of £1,416.83. 

Cost of the dinner would £45 per head which was the equivalent of 50€

European Cup 

The Club had been asked to host the Opening Ceremony. Encroute would do the catering and the approximate cost of £400 was approved. Agreed the Club would also host the VIP’s pre Dinner drinks. 

The Secretary would send out a list to all players of what they had to pay to the Treasurer. 

Thanks were expressed to Ian Wilson for organising physiotherapy for the players at the European Cup. The costs to be divided amongst all the players. 

Discussion regarding goodie bags, defibrillators, presence of first aiders, face masks, balls etc. 

Discussion regarding gifts of whisky: Thistles had purchased their own supply with own label. The Secretary would arrange to acquire a further 24 bottles for future use. 

Civic Reception being provided by Glasgow City Council on 22nd August, each team could nominate four players. 


To be held on Tuesday 22nd August 2017, Club to be represented by Kieran and Bernie. 

The Secretary confirmed that John Bennett had agreed to be the new Quartermaster after the conclusion of the European Cup. 


Scottish Hockey commissioning new strips the following year, agreed the Club would place an order for new strips in 2019. 

Dates for World Cup had changed slightly, waiting for clarification. 

Hotel accommodation discussed. Bernie would see if he could reserve 70 rooms. 

Celtic Cup dates had also changed. No date known for the Home Nations. 

Arrangements for payment of the dinner and tracksuits, combined payment would be acceptable. 

Training slots to be arranged, Kieran would speak to Ian Wilson. 

Treasurer to check that everyone who was playing in the European Cup had paid their subscriptions.

 1st November 2017, Apex Hotel, Edinburgh 

Apologies  received  from John Candlin and John Bennett.

Financial Report 

Invoices to players for Celtic Cup Home Nations and European Cup to be issued as soon as possible. Meantime, all bills paid up to date. The Treasurer apologised for the delay and confirmed that to assist players, he proposed to accept payments by instalments once the eventual amounts were known. 

European Cup

Balance of money due by Event Scotland. Meeting to take place next week to finalise matters. 

Reminders received from Companies House as the Company Return was now due. Some provision would need to be made for any outstanding claims although none known at the time. 

Figures to be circulated by email to the Committee for approval in due course. 

Thanks were expressed to the organising committee of the European Cup. A token of thanks would be sourced and presented to the committee on behalf of the Club. 

Noted several tracksuits had been lost from a “secure room” at SHU. Kieran was trying to see if the invoice could be adjusted to take account of the lost tracksuits. 

Training Arrangements 

Discussed coaching requirements for the forthcoming year. Agreed the Coach had made a significant difference throughout the Club and in the three age groups. If possible, it was preferable to have the same style of hockey played throughout the Club. In practice, it was difficult for one Coach to cover all three squads. 

Tournament Dates 

Discussed arrangements for transport, booking hotels etc. 

Scottish Thistles Report

A written report had been submitted by Graham Conkie. For the tournament in Lille in March 2018 it was proposed to take two teams. The teams would need to be balanced so that there were players covering all of the relevant positions rather than choice based on age. Where in future there were too many players wanting to play in one tournament suggested that fair allocation would have to be made for players to pay in a later tournament so that everyone had a chance to play. This was a way of trying to balance out numbers, not based solely on playing ability or first come, first served. 

Reorganisation of WGMA 

SHU currently considering how best to organise Masters Hockey. Up to now, they had delegated their responsibilities to the Scotland LX Hockey Club. 

Agreed the website would benefit from some updating and Bernie would speak to Ian Downie. 


There had been a lack of support for the AGM last year as the AGM had clashed with other events. Suggested by the Secretary that it be arranged to coincide with the training session on 11th March. 

12th February 2018, Apex Hotel, Edinburgh 

Apologies  received from Sandy Weir and John Bennett. 

Financial Report 

The Treasurer had retired just over a fortnight ago and was now making good progress in bringing the accounts and figures up to date. He hoped they would be completed by the end of the week and he would then be able to have them finalised and checked. The accounts for the European Cup would  be passed to Stirling Toner & Co for them to sign off. 

The Club currently running four teams (sometimes five) and needed a fairly substantial float to finance the day to day operation. 

Quartermaster’s Report

Some strips missing but it was felt that there were sufficient strips in the Club to cover all three age groups. 

Training Arrangements 

Training arrangements with Murray were discussed. Murray would maintain his role as the Club Coach. At tournaments he would however concentrate on the Over 60’s as it was unrealistic to expect him to cover all three age groups. 

Thanks were expressed to Niall Sturrock who had covered the December session and 11th February 2018 session for the over 65 and 70s. There had been a good turnout of approximately 24 players on 11th February which was encouraging. 

Discussion regarding underage approval required for the World Cup for the Over 65’s. Future training  dates for April and May to be agreed. 

Tournament Dates 

Review of the Celtic Cup, Home Nations and World Cup and arrangement for these. 

Scottish Thistles Report 

Names for the tournament team in Barcelona had already been submitted by Doodle Poll. Some players had already booked accommodation. Agreed the rigidity of the first come, first served rule was a difficulty; some useful younger players would not know if they were available until selection had been made. It was felt that it was no longer appropriate to adhere strictly to this convention and the matter would be raised at the AGM. 


Arrangements for AGM were discussed. Agreed to try and hold this on 25th March at Glasgow Green. Ian Wilson would be asked to reserve an extra pitch if possible. With the busy calendar ahead and extra expense for players, an official Club Dinner would not be arranged at this stage. But the Secretary would send out an email asking people to let him know of their interest in attending a central  dinner on 24th March. 

Update given by Kieran on WGMA and IMHA continuing meantime as the FIH currently had some several changes of personnel. 

Secretary to obtain sanction for the Over 70’s Scotland –v- England match in March.