Muscle Stretching Programme to Help Prevent Injuries

Ian Stanley

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The following programme will aim to provide masters hockey players with various stretches on different parts of the body to help prevent injuries from occurring.

It includes stretches for the following muscle groups:

  1. Calves (Gastrocnemius and Soleus)
  2. Hamstrings
  3. Quadriceps
  4. Hip Flexors
  5. Adductors 
  6. Glutes 


  • All stretches should be held for about 30 seconds
  • Anything less than 20 seconds will not make a significant difference in lengthening the muscle.
  • If you hold for too long you could cause an injury.
  • Aim to stretch once a day, left and right leg x 2 sets for each muscle group.
  • Should be undertaken separate to your hockey session and not to be completed as a warmup as this is a static stretching programme.
  • A separate programme will be put together for warmup/cooldown. 
  • This programme should take approximately 15 minutes.

If there are any issues with any of the stretches, feel free to drop Murray an email or alternatively I will be happy to go through them with you when I see you next.

Calves (Gastrocnemius)

  • Lean against a wall with outstretched hands.
  • If you are stretching the left leg have it behind the right.
  • Keep left heel on the ground and do not let it deviate right or left (keep it perpendicular with the wall).
  • Slowly bend right knee forwards towards the wall and you should feel a stretch in the left calf. 

NB: keep left knee straight.

Calves (Soleus)

  • Exact same as gastrocnemius above but this time you bend both legs and should feel the stretch lower down the calf on the behind leg. 

Stretching Gastrocnemus and Soleus


  • If stretching the right leg, place it out in front while kneeling on left leg.
  • Have front knee slightly bent and hug back of front knee.
  • Slowly straighten front knee while leaning back into sitting position (similar to image below but not identical). 
  • Alternatively, if finding it difficult then perform stretch in image below while reaching for toes in front but do not point toes up towards you as this will involve more calves while we want to isolate hamstrings.

Hamstring Stretch


  • If stretching left leg grab left ankle with left hand. 
  • Pull foot up to backside. 
  • Try to keep knees together and stay as upright as possible.
  • For a further stretch push left hip forwards.
  • If balance is an issue, hold onto a fixed object with right hand.
  • Alternatively, this stretch can be done in sidelying but same teaching points with keeping knees together and pushing hip forwards.

 Quadriceps Stretch

Hip Flexors

  • If stretching the right leg, place left leg out in front while kneeling on right knee behind.
  • Push hip forward while slightly leaning back.
  • For a further stretch, lift right arm and side bend to the left.
Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip Adductors

  • In standing, place feet wider than shoulder width apart. 
  • If stretching right leg lean to the left. 
  • Try to stay upright and not lean forwards.

The further you lean to the left the more of a stretch you will feel on the inside of the right leg. 

Glutes stretch


  • In sitting, bend right knee and place right foot to outside of left knee. 
  • With left arm, push outside of right knee to the left while turning towards the right.
  • Alternatively, if stretching left leg, bend left knee and place under body with left foot pointing to the right.
  • Can do stretch with elbows extended or for a further stretch you can bend elbows and lean on bent knee with body.

Glutes stretch - sitting

Glutes stretch 2