Dundee 1 July 2012
Scotland v Wales Over 60s

  • Moore in open space in midfield for Scotland
  • Scotland work the ball back to Finlayson
  • Robertson celebrates his goal
  • Brothers nets the equaliser for Wales
  • Loudon about to make a saving interception from Gangotra's cross with two Welsh players waiting to pounce
  • Ian Johnson on the run against Wilson
  • Brothers fires the ball towards goal at a penalty corner with Ben Johnson ready for a deflection …
  • … the ball comes back to Brothers and Chisholm closes him down.
  • A straight strike by Brough from another Welsh penalty corner ...
  • … is dealt with by Scottish keeper Pollard
  • Brough clears from Loudon
  • Loudon takes on a massed Welsh defence
  • … and cuts the ball back towards four unmarked Scots in the circle - Hills about to intercept
  • Loudon cuts the ball back to McBride with Thomas in his way
  • Moore shoots at a Scottish penalty corner
  • Dunbar will get there first before Ian Johnson
  • Thomas finds the unmarked Brothers in the circle ...
  • … and the Welsh forward walks the ball into the empty net to seal victory for Wales