Dundee 1 July 2012
Scotland v England Over 65s

  • A long ball eludes Tucker and goes out
  • England clear from a Downie cross
  • Tucker comes off his man (Robertson) to pick up a through ball
  • Tucker looks for the ball with Perryman closing in
  • Major fires a ball towards Wood with Auld in close attendance
  • Ballard passes to Sheikh with Ballingall blocking his way into the Scottish circle
  • Cassell intercepts a pass meant for Wood
  • Major just fails to get on the end of a Hutchings pass
  • The ball comes in from the right towards Wood with Auld up his back
  • Scotland retreat as umpire Dick signals for a free hit to England
  • Perryman breaks through on the right after losing marker McIntosh
  • Bryce clears from an English attack
  • Hutchings and Major cover as Crichton chases the ball
  • Maylam passes back with Caren and Farnan blocking the way forward
  • Farnan is too late to stop Durrans putting in a pass
  • Downie sets himself to pick up a pass on the right
  • Singh and Ballingall tussle for the ball
  • Tucker can't stop the ball reaching Tranter on the English right