Dundee 30 June 2012
Scotland v England Over 60s

  • England's Banks with a direct shot from a penalty corner past runner McBride
  • Bain injects a Scottish penalty corner …
  • … and Moore strikes ...
  • … but McCollum saves acrobatically
  • McBride clears
  • Mellor prepares to stop for Banks with McBride and Bate running out for Scotland ...
  • Pollard sets himself for the shot from Banks …
  • … and Chisholm clears the ball off the post
  • Wilson puts a ball into the English circle with Gordon in a good position for the pass ...
  • … which goes to Bain instead, and Kalsi steps in to intercept
  • Bate is too late to stop Crayford's cross, with Wilcox also too late to cover
  • … and Chisholm cleans up for Scotland
  • Finlayson has to go for his man with Bate beaten and Johnson lurking ominously on the right
  • … and Johnson is on the end of the pass, looking up to spot Bansal
  • … Bate's despairing challenge fails to stop the cross and Bansal waits to slot in the cross
  • Gordon is well covered as he takes the ball into the English circle