Dundee 29 June 2012
England v Wales Over 65s

  • Singh about to shoot with Hills closing in
  • Phillips crosses from the right for Wales
  • Ben Johnson fires the ball away from the edge of the Welsh circle
  • Paddock one on one with the English keeper
  • Hutchings with one of his trademark reverse passes
  • Maylam drives forward with Hills coming in to cover
  • Wood in a great position to score (it went past the post)
  • Wood takes on Lottay on the left
  • Another Hutchings reverse pass to Ballard
  • An English shot goes past Donnelly
  • Wood with another strike on goal with Hills too late to intercept
  • Hutchings fires one in on the Welsh keeper
  • Wood lives up to his name with an chopping stick tackle on Donnelly
  • Wood takes on Lottay on the left
  • Singh leaves Davies for dead
  • Pity about the ball as Sheikh just misses a pass from Wood
  • Lloyd Wood - tournament top scorer with seven, five in this match