2019 Celtic Cup

The 2019 Celtic Cup takes place at the King George V Playing Fields, Swansea from 26-28 April. For the first time, all three age groups will have four teams, the Senior Grand Masters tournament including Ireland for the first time and a Franco-Welsh composite side making up the fourth team.

Scotland Over 60s are looking to improve on a disappointing third place in the 2018 tournament in France, while the Over 65s did one better, finishing second, and the Over 70s won their double header against Wales to finish winners of the 2018 Senior Grand Masters Celtic Cup.

There are two pitches side by side: Pitch 2 is the pitch nearer to the changing rooms.

Match Schedule

Friday 26 April

15.30 Pitch 2 Wales v Scotland O70
Pitch 1 Ireland v France O70

17.30 Pitch 2 Wales v France O65
Pitch 1 Scotland v Ireland O65

19.30 Pitch 2 Wales v Scotland O60
Ireland v France O60

Saturday 27 April

11.30 Wales v Scotland O65
Ireland v France O65

13.30 Wales v France O60
Scotland v Ireland O60

15.30 Pitch 2 Wales v Ireland O70
France v Scotland O70

Sunday 28th April

09.20 Wales v Ireland O60
France v Scotland O60

11.10 Wales v France O70
Scotland v Ireland O70

13.00 Wales v Ireland O65
France v Scotland O65

Scotland Squads

Over 60 (from)

Derek Bell, ​​​​​John Bennett, John Candlin, ​​​​​Scott Chisholm, Gurdial Duhre, ​​​​​Ben Gibson, ​​​​ Murray Graham​​​​, Ally Hay​​​​, Donnie Hay, ​​​​​John Hay​​​​, Derek Johnstone​​​​, Alan Kerr, ​​​​ Gordon Mackenzie, ​​​​Alasdair McArthur, ​​​ Colin McBeth​​​​​, Glenn Paton, Arthur Robertson, ​​​​Davie Rowlands, ​​​​ Neil Sharp​​​​​, Ronnie Stott, Niall Sturrock​​​​​, Billy Taylor. Coach Adam McInnes.

Over 65

Chris Kalman​​​, Ian Wilson, Gerry McBride, ​​​ Jim Bate, Hew Bishop, Peter Burns, Jim Chisholm, John Connaghan, Peter Gordon, Gordon Loudon, Les Mitchell, Bernie Morrison, Peter Robertson, Stuart Robertson, John Smith, Jonny Sudale. Player-coach Ian Wilson.

Over 70

Alan Bain, Ernie Brittain-Dodd, Roy Crichton, Nigel Dixon, Ian Downie, Andy Ferrol, Kieran McLernan, David Margerison, Duncan Mitchell, Doug Morrice, Alan Parker, Ian Pett, Dick Pearce, Derrick Reid, Norrie Springford, Colin Tucker, Dougie Turner, Sandy Weir. Coach Sandy Keith.