Club Event 1 September 2019

Club Event TrophyFollowing the successful club event in December 2018, Scottish Thistles organised another mini tournament on Sunday 1 September from 11:00 to 14:00 at Glasgow National Hockey Centre open to all hockey players who would be aged at least 58 by the end of 2020. Members were encouraged to 'bring a friend' and to spread the word amongst hockey players of the right age.

The day started with 1 hour of small group coaching on 'leading to the ball', having 'soft hands' for control of the ball quickly, 'changing direction of a run/pass' and the 'drop pass'.

Thanks to the group coaches; Gordon McKenzie, Niall Sturrock, Mike McInally, Peter Burns, Arthur Robertson, Ian McCreath, Ian Wilson, Ben Gibson and Stuart Stephen for making the first session fun, focused and worthwhile.

From 12:00 until 14:00 a Round Robin, 11 a side, competition took place with the eventual winners Greased Lightning being ably led by Dougie Turner. Dougie received the first LX Club Trophy and all of the winning team a small 'cup'. Many thanks to Gordon McKenzie again for preparing these.

Mike McInally

Lion Kings

John Connaghan
Ken Moore
Paul Finch
Alan Murray
Peter Robertson
Paul Bateson
Dick Pearce
Kieran McLernan
Duncan Mitchell
Gurdial Duhre
Graham Dick
Ian McCreath
Ian Wilson
Norrie Springford

Arthur Robertson (NP)

Greased Lightning

Chris Heeps
Hew Bishop
Gordon Loudon
Patrick Joyce
John Smith
Peter Gordon
Steve McDonald
Dougie Turner
Gordon MacKenzie
Jim Frail
John Bennett
Derrick Reid
Neil MacRae
Gerry McBride

Niall Sturrock (NP)


Jim Watson
Chris Kalman
Rob Campbell
Steve Laux
Tony Walker
Keith Raper
Alan Bryce
Roy Crichton
Graham Conkie
Stuart Stephen
Ben Gibson
Clifford Martin
John Hay
John Candlin
Ian Chitty

Les Miserables

Graham Conkie
Mike Mcinally
Stuart Robertson
Peter Burns
Les Mitchell
Peter Haines
Ian Pett
Martin Petty
Sandy Weir
Murray Graham
Iain Cameron
Geoff Duke
George Pickett
Glen Paton
Alan Parker