Real Club de Polo de Barcelona

2018 Grand Masters Hockey World Cup

Real Club de Barcelona 20-30 June 2018

The 2018 Grand Masters Hockey World Cup took place on three pitches at Real Club de Polo de Barcelona and on a fourth pitch at Via Ferrea, Castelldefels, 18 km south of Barcelona. Scotland was represented by four teams: Scotland Grand Masters (Over 60), Great Grand Masters (Over 65) and Senior Grand Masters (Over 70) in the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup and by an Over 60 Scottish Thistles team in the Grand Masters Hockey Tournament Trophy. Scotland Ladies Over 60 also took part in the tournament.

Scottish Thistles Silver Medal Over 60 World Tournament Trophy 2018
Scottish Thistles Silver Medal

Best placed were Scottish Thistles, who won the silver medal in the Grand Masters Over 60 Tournament Trophy, in which they were competing for the first time. Scotland Ladies finished in the bronze medal position. Scotland Grand Masters were sixth, Senior Grand Masters eighth and Great Grand Masters tenth.

18 countries entered the Grand Masters competition: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, USA, and Wales. The same countries, with the addition of Egypt and minus Argentina, Canada, Singapore and USA, make up the 15 teams in the Great Grand Masters tournament. Five of those were not represented in the Senior Grand Masters competition: Egypt, France, Ireland, New Zealand and Spain, while Argentina fielded an Over 70 side in the 11 country tournament. In the Grand Masters Tournament Trophy, there were 10 teams competing: Alliance, England LX, Germany 2, Ireland 2, Netherlands 2, Scottish Thistles, Spain 2, South Africa 2, Southern Cross and Wales 2. tournament draw (PDF)

In the group stages, Scotland Grand Masters finished second behind Australia to go into the quarter finals, where they met Spain. Scotland Great Grand Masters finished fourth, qualifiying for the 9-12 play offs against Ireland, while Senior Grand Masters, also fourth, went on to the 5-8 play offs where they would play Wales. Scottish Thistles won their group to go into the semi final against England LX.

Both Scotland Great Grand Masters and Scottish Thistles needed a penalty shoot out to progress in the next round against Ireland and England LX respectively. The latter result was the first ever win for Scottish Thistles against England LX in eighteen years of trying. Scotland Grand Masters and Senior Grand Masters narrowly lost their matches against Spain and Wales respectively, both by a 0-1 score.

Scotland Grand Masters beat New Zealand 4-0 in the 5-8 semi final, setting up a fifth place final match against Australia.

In the final matches of the tournament, Scotland Grand Masters lost 3-1 to Australia to finish sixth, Great Grand Masters lost 1-0 to Belgium to finish tenth, Senior Grand Masters lost 1-0 to Belgium to finish eighth and Scottish Thistles narrowly lost 2-1 to Southern Cross for silver.

Reports: Grand Masters     Great Grand Masters     Senior Grand Masters     Scottish Thistles

Grand Masters World Cup (Over 60)

18 teams took part, in two pools of five teams and two pools of four teams. Scotland were in Pool B with Australia, South Africa, and newcomers Canada and USA. Scotland finished sixth, the same position as in 2016, with Netherlands once more in gold medal position ahead of England in silver and Germany in bronze.

results, reports and tables

Pool B Matches

21 June Australia 7 (Johnson, Lewis 2, Shepherd, Same, Campbell, Pohlman) Scotland 0

23 June Scotland 5 (Bishop, D. Hay, Johnstone, Sturrock, A. Hay pen) USA 1

24 June Scotland 4 (D. Hay 2, Morrison, Robertson) Canada 0

26 June Scotland 4 (D. Hay, A. Hay 2, Sturrock) South Africa 1 (Bedford)

The four quarter finals were played out by the teams finishing first and second in each pool, competing for places 1-8. Scotland finished second in Pool B and met Spain, winners of Pool C, in their quarter final on 27 June. The four winners went on to the semi finals where the winners would go into the final and the losers would play off for third and fourth place. The four quarter final losers, including Scotland, played off in a similar pattern for places 5-8. The teams finishing third and fourth in each pool took part in play offs, competing for places 9-16, with the same format as for the quarter finals and semi finals. The two teams finishing fifth played each other twice to decide places 17 and 18.

Quarter Final

27 June Spain 1 (Gali) Scotland 0

5-8 Semi Final

29 June New Zealand 0 Scotland 4 (Taylor, D. Hay 2, McArthur)


30 June Scotland 1 (Sturrock) Australia 3 (Pestana, Murray, Campbell) 5/6 final

Great Grand Masters World Cup (Over 65)

14 teams competed in this tournament in two pools (A and B) of five teams and one pool (C) of four teams. Scotland were in Pool A along with England, Germany, Italy and South Africa. Scotland finished tenth, one place down on their performance in 2016 when there were fewer teams in the tournament. Their performance in holding gold medal winners England to a goalless draw in their first match was the highlight of their tournament. Australia took silver and Wales bronze.

Pool A Matches

21 June England 0 Scotland 0

23 June Scotland 1 (Loudon) South Africa 3 (St. Dare, Robb, Surtees)

24 June Scotland 3 (Gordon 2, Mitchell) Italy 1 (Fazi)

26 June Scotland 0 Germany 3 (Kliess, Holzer, Riehn)

There was a complex arrangement to decide the final composition of the quarter finals. Six teams qualified by right as winners or runners up in their pools. The teams finishing third and fourth in Pool C, which had only four teams, played each other a second time and the aggregate winner qualified for a three way penalty shoot out with the team finishing third in each of Pool A and B. The winner and runner up in the penalty shoot out went in to the quarter finals, to play against the winners of Pool A and Pool C (avoiding playing a team they had already played). The winner of Pool B played the lower ranked (average points per match) of the teams finishing second in Pools A and C, and the remaining two teams finishing second in their pools played each other.

The winners of the four quarter finals will go on to compete for places 1-4 in the normal semi final and final format, and the losers will play off for places 5-8 using the same system. The third placed team which loses the penalty shoot out will play the lowest ranked fourth placed team (average points per match) unless that is a team in the same first round pool, on which case it will play the next lowest ranked team. The other two fourth placed teams played each other. The winners of the two ties played off for places 9 and 10 and the losers for places 11 and 12. The two teams finishing fifth played each other twice to decide the final two places. Scotland finished fourth in Pool A and faced Ireland in the first round of the 9-12 play offs.

9-12 play offs

28 June Scotland 1 (Finlayson) Ireland 1 (Jordan) (2-1 SO)


29 June Belgium 1 (Y. Hauptman) Scotland 0 9/10 final

Senior Grand Masters (Over 70)

There were eleven Over 70 teams, playing in two pools (A and B) of six and five teams. Scotland were in Pool A along with Australia, Germany, complete newcomers Argentina, and, like Scotland, new to Over 70 competition, Italy and South Africa. Scotland finished fourth in their pool and lost narrowly 0-1 in the 5-8 first round to Wales, then lost again narrowly 0-1 to Belgium in the 7th place final, finishing eighth. England won gold after a penalty shoot out against Australia who took silver, and Netherlands beat Germany to win bronze.

Pool A Matches

21 June Scotland 5 (Ballingall, McIntosh 2, Crichton, Bain) Argentina 0

22 June Australia 8 Scotland 0

23 June Germany 7 Scotland 1 (Bryce)

25 June Scotland 2 (Downie, McIntosh) Italy 1

26 June Scotland 0 South Africa 2

The teams finishing first and second in each pool played off for positions 1-4 in the standard semi-final/final format, and the teams finishing third and fourth played off in the same way for positions 5-8. Scotland finished fourth in Pool A and met Wales who finished third in Pool B. Places 9-11 were decided on a round robin basis based on the carried forward result of the pool match between the teams finishing fifth and sixth in Pool A (Italy and Argentina) and the results of the matches between these two teams and the team finishing fifth in Pool B (Japan).

Cross Over Matches

Positions 1-4

28 June Australia 4 Netherlands 1
28 June England 8 Germany 3

30 June Netherlands 4 Germany 1 3rd/4th place final
30 June Australia 2 England 2 (SO 0-2) Final

Positions 5-8

27 June South Africa 1 Belgium 0
27 June Wales 1 Scotland 0

29 June Wales 1 South Africa 0 5/6 final
29 June Scotland 0 Belgium 1 7/8 final

Positions 9-11 (Italy 1 Argentina 0 already played in Pool A)

28 June Argentina 0 Japan 3

29 June Italy 1 Japan 3