Aspirants (to be aged over 75) Sevens Tournament
6-8 April 2018 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

This tournament will take place on the Wrenn School astro pitch, London Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Each game is two 20 minute halves on half a pitch. Normal hockey rules apply, but the halfway line is treated as the 23 metre line in 11-a-side hockey. There are two parallel competitions, the Over 75s and the Aspirants (those who aspire to be playing after 75). Includes Over 80s. The Over 75 Regional matches will be played on Friday and Saturday, but it is hoped that the O75s will want to play on Sunday as well. The aim is to commence play at 10:00 on each day and the plan is to give each team two games on each day. Refreshments will be on sale in the pavilion and it is hoped that physios will be present to administer massages. All players and companions are invited to a buffet at Kettering Hockey Club on Saturday evening.

There is a Tournament fee of £200 per team. This includes 8 buffet meals on Saturday evening. Additional meals will be charged at £12 each.


David Ballingall, Alan Bryce, Ian Downie, Donald Dunbar, Dave McIntosh, Doug Morrice, Dick Pearce, Tony Walker, Sandy Weir.


Premier Inn, London Road, Wellingborough Tel. 08701977262 (Room only, but possible to have 'meal deal' with pub next door. There are other eating possibilities adjacent) This is 300m from the pitch and is best booked on the internet. Prices are currently much higher than elsewhere.

Hind Hotel, 38 Sheep Street, Wellingborough. Tel 01933 222827. In the town centre, about 800m from the pitch. (Early booking advised as only a limited number of rooms available) Recently refurbished. Single - £48 : Double / twin - £68 including breakfast Please mention 'hockey' when booking.

Columbia Hotel, 19-31 Northampton Road, Wellingborough. Tel 01933 229333 About 2km from the pitch. Approx. £68 room charge, including breakfast (possibly better deal on internet).

Ibis, Enstone Court, Wellingborough. Tel 01933 228333 About 3 miles (5km) away. Eating possibilities nearby. Best booked on internet (looks like about £60 per double including breakfast) There are other options within 10 miles.


The pitch is half a mile from Wellingborough Railway Station. You can fly from Edinburgh to Luton by EasyJet and either hire a car or take the train from Luton Airport station to Wellingborough. Flights from Edinburgh are at 07:00, 15:40, 18:05 and 20:55 on Thursday 5 April or 06:20 on Friday 6 April. Return flights are at 15:30 (probably too early)and 19:15 on Sunday 8 April.