Scottish Thistles in North East England October 2017

Scottish Thistles, including some guest players, took on England LX White and England LX Red in double header matches in Newcastle on Wednesday 11 October and in Durham on Thursday 12 October.

Scottish Thistles, England LX Red and England LX White in Durham October 2017

Fantastic tour with four really good games against England LX Red and England LX White. On day 1 in Newcastle, Thistles were beaten 3–0 by England LX White. It was a much closer game against England LX red with the English winning 3–1, Paul Bateson scoring the Scottish goal.

On day 2 against England LX White, it was the same scoreline (3-0) which probably flattered the English as in reality it was a much closer game. Against England LX Red, Scottish Thistles come out fighting and by and large should have won the game but a couple of momentary lapses, which allowed the English to claim a draw with 2-2 being the final score, George Pickett and guest player Jim Gardner scoring the Scottish goals.

Hospitality from the English was excellent with food after each game and a great tournament dinner at which Ian McCreath gave a fantastic rendition of ‘I belang to Glesca’. The feeling from all at the end of the tournament was to make this an annual event.


Paul Bateson, Graham Conkie, Jim Gardner (guest), Ian McCreath, Stevie Macdonald , Duncan Mitchell , Ken Moore (day 1 only), Alan Murray (day 1 only), Dick Pearce , George Pickett, Keith Raper, Benny Rathbone, Matt Rooney (guest), Tony Walker (guest)

Scottish Thistles Squad Durham October 2017
back row Rathbone, McCreath, Macdonald, Raper, Mitchell, Rooney, Gardner
front row Bateson, Walker, Conkie, Pickett, Pearce