2017 Grand Masters European Cup

Glasgow 19-27 August 2017 - Great Grand Masters (Over 65)

Scotland was represented at the 2017 European Cup in Glasgow by three international teams (Over 60, Over 65 and Over 70) and a Tournament Trophy Over 60 team.The Great Grand Masters competition (Over 65) involved seven teams and was played as a round robin: Belgium, England, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland and Wales. Scotland finished in fifth place and the medal winners were Netherlands - Gold; Germany - Silver; and England - Bronze.

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Team P W D L F A GD Pts
Netherlands 6 5 1 0 31 1 30 16
Germany 6 4 1 1 17 6 11 13
England 6 4 2 0 13 1 12 14
Wales 6 2 1 2 11 10 1 10
Scotland 6 3 0 3 5 21 -16 9
Belgium 6 1 0 5 4 26 -22 3
Ireland 6 0 0 6 3 19 -16 0

Scotland Squad

Jim Bate, Ernie Brittain-Dodd, Jim Chisholm (captain), Graham Conkie, Tony Duguid, Donald Dunbar, Colin Gallacher, Peter Gordon, Chris Kalman (GK), Gordon Loudon*, Gerry McBride, Ken Moore, Peter Robertson, Stuart Robertson, John Smith*, Doug Turner

*underage player, permission granted to play


Pool Matches (reports by Peter Gordon)

Saturday 19 August 10:35 Clydesdale Ireland Flag Ireland 1 Scotland 2 (Chisholm, P. Robertson) Scotland Flag

In a game of two halves, Scotland just managed to hold on for victory. In the first two quarters Scotland contained early Irish attacks and began to hold onto possession whilst not really threatening the Irish goalkeeper. This was to change when Scottish skipper Jim Chisholm saw his short corner effort deflect off an Irish stick and loop over the keeper and into the net. Gaining confidence from this, the Scots upped the pressure and Peter Robertson drilled in a shot from an acute angle.

As the second half developed the Irish began to control midfield and pressure on the Scottish defence intensified. Finally the Irish were awarded a penalty flick and the arrears were halved. For the next ten minutes it was keeper Chris Kalman who produced save after save to keep Scotland ahead and on the final whistle there was no doubt who would win a player of the match award.

A Scottish victory was a great start but much more control would be needed against the next opponents - England.

Saturday 19 August Germany Flag Germany 5 Wales 0 Wales Flag      Belgium Flag Belgium 0 Netherlands 12 Netherlands Flag

Sunday 20 August England Flag England 4 (Bansal 2, Denison 2) Scotland 0 Scotland Flag

After the previous day's excellent result, Scotland knew that today's fixture against the Auld Enemy would prove to be a much harder summit to climb - and so it proved.

England started slowly but two fierce short corner counters Santa Bansal in the last two minutes of the first quarter gave England a lead they were grateful to have. For the next two quarters the Scots gave as good as they got but were unable to wrest control of midfield from a confident and tactically aware opposition. No further goals were scored during this period but the Scots felt they were still in the game.

However in the final quarter two quick tap in goals by Trevor Denison in 49 and 57 minutes put the English in a commanding position and try as they might the Scots could not put enough pressure on their opponents to make the result a fairer reflection on what had gone on for much of the game.

A victory and a defeat from the weekend hockey was a fair reflection of Scotland'sperformance so far. Hopes are high that, if they can consolidate their strengths into a full game situation, more positive performances and consequently results will be achievable.

Belgium Flag Belgium 0 Wales 4 Wales Flag      Ireland Flag Ireland 0 Netherlands 5 Netherlands Flag

Monday 21 August England Flag England 0 Netherlands 0 Netherlands Flag      Ireland Flag Ireland 1 Wales 2 Wales Flag      Belgium Flag Belgium 2 Germany 4 Germany Flag

Wednesday 23 August Netherlands Flag Netherlands 8 Scotland 0 Scotland Flag QTV logo

In a comprehensive defeat, with goals coming at regular intervals, the Scots put up a brave performance but were unable to stem the opposition attacks. Against a team of great individual skill, married to clear team tactics, Scotland felt at times they were chasing shadows. Allowing the ball to do the work, then complementing this with accurate finishing, the Dutch showed just how to play the modern game.

"You are never too old to learn" must be the lesson to be gleaned from this game - the Dutch performance in this tournament certainly acts as a model reflecting how the Scots must develop their game in the future.

England Flag England 1 Wales 1 Wales Flag     Ireland Flag Ireland 0 Germany 3 Germany Flag

Thursday 24 August Germany Flag Germany 4 (Gierke 2, Schürfeld, Zapp) Scotland 1 (Britton-Dodd) Scotland Flag

The hope that Scotland would learn from their previous defeats by England and Netherlands was not in evidence as a competent German team built up a four goal lead. Nervous defending and a failure to hold on to possession in midfield made it hard work for the Scots to mount meaningful attacks. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, new Scotland captain Gordon Loudon exhorted his team to demonstrate the skills and control of which he believed they were capable. The result was immediate and much more pressure was put on the German defence, resulting in Ernie Britton-Dodd deflecting a short corner into the German net. No more goals were scored and a disappointed Scottish team left the field regretting their early game performance but hopeful that more of the last quarter's performance would be brought into the next game against Belgium.

England Flag England 3 Belgium 0 Belgium Flag     Wales Flag Wales 0 Netherlands 3 Netherlands Flag

Friday 25 August Belgium Flag Belgium 0 Scotland 2 (Gordon, S. Robertson) Scotland Flag

Captain Gordon Loudon made some selection changes in defence in the hope that building up play from the back and making fewer errors would provide a platform for a more ambitious lineup. Central to this thinking was moving Peter Robertson into a sweeper role and this proved to be effective as he produced a thoughtful and constructive performance.

The first quarter saw the Scots having a fair amount of possession but no real chances were created. In the second quarter seasoned strikers Colin Gallacher and Peter Gordon were introduced and within minutes a Colin Gallacher shot was saved by the Belgian keeper but his partner Peter Gordon was on hand to sweep the loose ball into the net. By now Scotland held the upper hand but failed to increase their lead, often being let down by the final pass, until Stuart Robertson made sure of victory by sweeping the ball into the corner of the net.

As in every Scottish game this performance was a mixture of periods of positive control interspersed with elementary errors. While effort and commitment is never in doubt, this allied to less of the former and more of the latter must be the aim in the last game on Sunday 27 August, when a win against Wales will give Scotland fourth place. Before that, England could put third place out of reach when they play Ireland on the previous day in their fifth match.

Germany Flag Germany 1 Netherlands 3 Netherlands Flag   

Saturday 26 August  England Flag England 5 Ireland 0 Ireland Flag

Sunday 27 August Wales Flag Wales 4 (Thomas, Johnson 2, Chapman) Scotland 0 Scotland Flag QTV logo

Ireland Flag Ireland 1 Belgium 2 Belgium Flag     England Flag England 0 Germany 0 Germany Flag

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