2016 Home Internationals Southgate, London 1-3 July 2016

For the first time, the Home International tournament included an Over 70 section with teams from England, Scotland and Wales. Ireland couldn't yet raise an Over 70 team but entered an Over 65 team for the first time so there were four teams in both the Over 60 and Over 65 competitions. All three teams played three matches, Scotland Over 70 playing two in the competition proper and a friendly against England Over 75.

Both Scotland Grand Masters and Scotland Senior Grand Masters finished second behind England in their competitions, while Scotland Grand Masters finished fourth.

  Grand Masters (Over 60)   Great Grand Masters (Over 65)   Senior Grand Masters (Over 70)
Fri 1 July Scotland 4 Ireland 0   Scotland 1 Ireland 2   Scotland 1 England 5
Sat 2 July England 4 Scotland 2   England 8 Scotland 0   Wales 2 Scotland 2
Sun 3 July Scotland 7 Wales 0   Wales 1 Scotland 0   Scotland 0 England O75 0*

* friendly match

Coach Murray Paton selected the following squads.

Over 60

Over 65

Over 70


Hew Bishop
Alan Auld
Alan Bremner  
John Candlin
Ernie Brittain-Dodd
Alan Bryce  
John Connaghan
Jim Chisholm
David Cassell  
Ben Gibson
Graham Conkie
Alex Cathro  
Alastair Hay
Donald Dunbar
Roy Crichton  
John Hay
David Fargus
Nigel Dixon  
Derek Johnstone
Colin Gallacher
Ian Downie  
Chris Kalman
Peter Gordon
Andrew Ferrol  
Gordon Loudon
Kieran McLernan
David Margerison  
Gerald McBride
Alan Parker
Doug Morrice  
Bernie Morrison
Richard Pearce
Donald Paterson  
Glenn Paton
John Smith
Robbie Robertson  
Arthur Robertson
Colin Tucker
Murdoch Shirreffs  
Alistair Ross
Douglas Turner
Sandy Weir  
David Rowlands
Niall Sturrock

Ian Wilson


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