Dragons Festival Swansea 25-26 July 2015

Scottish Thistles emerged from the weekend with nothing to show for some good hockey, putting up a good show in three of the four matches but being overwhelmed in the fourth. Lack of a cutting edge up front cost them dear, though they hit the post three times over the weekend, and created numerous chances which would have been converted if there had been someone on the far post to put away crosses.

The match against Dragons 65 was a one-sided affair but the result went the wrong way - lots of Thistles pressure but Dragons got the goal that matterered. Dragons Yellow were a different proposition and they completely overran the Scots. Neil Mackenzie was bundled over by an opponent, landing on his shoulder, and took no further part in the competition - it turned out that he had broken his clavicle. Alan Parker also pulled out with a knee injury after this match. Things seemed to have turned round in the third match when Tim Lorimer scored to put Scottish Thistles in the lead against England LX 65, but two second half short corners and an open play goal from the English turned the game around in the second half.

Bad weather saw the second day's programme curtailed and each team had only one match. Against yet another Welsh team, Thistles again failed to take their chances after conceding an early goal, losing 1-0 to finish the tournament empty handed except for the now customary bottle of whisky for the social team of the tournament.

In spite of the results, Dick Pearce played well in goals but was unlucky to see good saves being converted by attackers picking up the rebounds off his patch.


Dick Pearce
Donald Dunbar
Ian Dunbar
Alan Parker
Tim Lorimer
Ian McCreath
Neil Mackenzie
Neil MacLeod
Robbie Robertson
Duncan Mitchell
John Smith
Doug Turner
David Morgans
Neil Ward

Paul Bateson played in the final match


Scottish Thistles 0 Dragons 65 1

Scottish Thistles 0 Dragons Yellow 7

Scottish Thistles 1 (Lorimer) England LX 65 3

Scottish Thistles 0 Dragons Red 1