Home Internationals 2010

Swansea Bay H.C., Swansea, Wales Saturday 3 July 2010

King George V Playing Fields, Swansea

Wales hosted the Home Countries Over 60s international tournament on 3 July 2010 in Swansea. Only England and Scotland competed for the Over 65s tournament, Wales providing a B team which played matches against England Over 65s outside the championship. There was a programme of friendlies on Sunday 4 July.

Scotland failed to capitalise on a stuffy performance against England Over 60s when they went down 5-0 to Wales, who in turn lost 8-0 to the clear winners. England also won the Over 65s tournament by beating the Scots 4-0.

Scotland 1 England 4 (Over 60s)

England triumphed dominated the match but Scotland were unlucky when the umpire signalled a short corner as Dunlop despatched the ball behind the England keeper, which would have brought the Scots right back into the game. Scotland defended stoutly but could not keep out two goals in each half including a Hutchings hat-trick. Crichton gave the Scots a bit of pride by netting with a fine shot at a short corner in the closing minutes.

Scotland's defence at England short corner

Wales 5 Scotland 0 (Over 60s)

Scotland had only ten outfield players in the squad with members of the Over 65s squad on the bench to give players a break. Their efforts against England told on them in the second game of the day only an hour and a half after their first match, and they were never in the game against a fresh Welsh team which was rarely troubled by the Scots in a 5-0 victory.

Scotland 0 England 4 (Over 65s)

Scotland Over 65s put in a creditable performance against England but a brace of goals each side of half time ensured the trophy for the English in a game in which Scotland resisted well but failed to make an impact in the final third. The gulf between the teams in terms of skill, fitness and teamwork was clear and Scotland have a big task ahead to raise their game for the World Championships in Cape Town in September.

The friendly Over 65 international played on Sunday 4 July against England produced the same 4-0 scoreline but Scotland showed signs of improvement in teamwork and passing which they will hope to build on over the summer before Cape Town. Their younger counterparts shocked England by taking an early lead through Dunlop which they held until just before half time when Hutchings scored the first of his three goals, adding a second shortly after. The tiring Scots could not prevent a very sharp England forward line adding a further three goals to make the final score 5-1.

Saturday 3 July

10:00 Scotland 1 (Crichton) England 4 - Over 60s
11:30 Wales B 0 England Over 65s 4 (friendly)
14:00 Wales 5 Scotland 0 - Over 60s
15:30 Scotland 0 England 4 - Over 65s
17:00 Wales 0 England 8 - Over 60s

Sunday (friendlies)

10:00 England 4 Scotland 0 - Over 65s
11:00 England 5 Scotland 1 (Dunlop) - Over 60s
13:30 Wales B 0 England Over 65s 2
14:30 Wales 1 England 3 - Over 60s

Over 60s Squad

Auld*, Bain, Caren, Cathro, Conkie, Crichton*, Dunlop, Ferrol, McIntosh, Pollard, Tucker.

Over 65s Squad

Black, Bremner, Bryce†, di Rollo, Downie†, Forster, Keddie, Margerison†, McLernan†, Pearce†, Strachan†, Weir†.

* also played as a sub for the Over 65s squad † also played as a sub for the Over 60s squad