Oss 2010 - Scottish Thistles Undefeated

Oss 2010 Invitation

No room at the club

David McIntosh can't persuade the organisers to open the clubhouse on Saturday morning

Thistles travelled to Oss with snow threatening but the signs were good on the Friday evening and the squad was looking forward to a good tournament the following day. Unfortunately the threat turned into reality and when the day dawned on Saturday 30 January there was a winter wonderland outside.

The organiser, Hans Van Der Hayden, worked very hard to find an alternative activity for the Saturday, and came up with a fine choice - a game of Farmers Golf (Boerengolf) played between two teams captained by Alex Cathro and David McIntosh. The eight hole competition (well, seven holes as the actual fourth hole could not be found under the snow) was won by David's team, which included Keith Forster, Allan Golightly and tour virgin Dick Pearce.

The full squad was: Andrew, Cathro (Captain), Downie, Donald Dunbar, Ian (Dobbin) Dunbar, Forster, Golightly, McIntosh, Morrice, Paterson, Pearce


Farmers Golf Teams

Farmers Golfers

Cathro's generous helping at the buffet

Genuine Dutch food

Pearce Putting

Pearce lines up his approach at the second hole

Cathro drowns his sorrows

A wee refreshment after the fourth