Penalty Corner Defence

Swansea 3 July 2010 - Scotland v England Over 60

This sequence shows how England took a short corner which didn't result in a goal. The Scottish defenders in a box 4 formation were:

Conkie - right post       Pollard - goalkeeper       Caren - left post

      no 2 runner

no 1 runner      

First shot of England penalty corner - positions just after injection

Major injects for England while Auld and Cathro run out expecting a switch right by England

Second shot of England penalty corner: the stop

Mahmood-Sheikh slips the ball left, bypassing Stone, to Bansal with the Scots runners set up to block the direct shot

Shot 3 of England penalty corner: the shot

as Bain runs back from the centre line, Bansal shoots - Pollard saved the shot

The move has bypassed both Alan Auld and Alex Cathro, and given Santa Bansal a clear shot on goal. The left hand post man, Graham Conkie, took the correct position for a direct shot on goal but has not adjusted his position for the new angle, leaving a gap on his right. Worse, he has allowed the injector Neil Major to stand in front of him in a good position to deflect the ball into the net. Doug Caren on the other post was also in the correct position for a direct shot but has not changed his position and is now standing outside the post from the angle at which Santa is shooting. He is also not looking at the incoming English player on his left, who would be coming in for a deflection - England routinely fire the ball outside the post, cutting out the goalkeeper, aiming for a deflection. Tim Pollard is well positioned for a direct shot but vulnerable to a deflection by the injector running in - Graham Conkie needs to be in front of the injector to cut off that route.