Club Fixture v Alex Cathro's Best

Sunday 19 July 12:30-14:00 Dawson Park Dundee

Alex Cathro put together a strong side with a bit of speed up front which proved to be the ace in the hole for the Dundee team.

The game was played in three periods, both first and third periods ending in stalemate 0-0 and 1-1 respectively. Unfortunately for Scottish Thistles, a combination of poor passing by the defence and the somewhat rusty Wanderers front man Kenny Lees suddenly finding his goal touch led to a 5-1 score for the middle period.

Paul Monkman scored in his first match for Scottish Thistles and David McIntosh netted in the final period.


Aird, Andrew, Black, Caren, Downie, Forster, Fraser, Golightly, Keddie, Lloyd, McIntosh, Monkman, Morrice, Philip, Strachan, Weir.

Matt Aird guested for the opposition and was joined by Dougie Morrice and, very briefly, Alan Strachan in the final period.


Gerry Toner, John Smith